011308 - Senior Aerospace Mechanical Systems Engineer

This expert brings over thirty years of experience in aerospace engineering and has worked for several major original equipment manufacturers. He has also served as an independent aerospace consultant for the last twenty-two years. He is designated a Consultant Designated Engineering Representative (DER) by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with authority in 14 CFR Part 25 certification regulations. He specializes in mechanical systems including flight controls, doors, and hydraulic design and construction, equipment qualification, airplane testing, safety analyses, and service documents. He additionally has delegated authority for mechanical systems safety analyses for air conditioning, pressurization, oxygen, and fire protection. This expert also specializes in structures cabin safety for design and construction and service documents as well as power plant safety analyses for airplane turbine engines and auxiliary power units.

747 Crash Footage Analysis


In April 2013, a civilian-operated Boeing 747-400 crashed after taking off from Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan. The NTSB concluded that the cargo, five armored vehicles weighing over 80 tons total, shifted during take-off to the rear causing a massive imbalance to the aircraft's center of gravity. The aircraft, unable to gain altitude, stalled and impacted the ground in a fiery explosion. 

SwissAir Flight 111


On September 2, 1998, a fire occurred one hour into the New York to Zurich flight, leading to an attempt to land at Halifax, without success. All souls were lost when the MD-11 plunged into the ocean off the shore of Peggy’s Cove.

A team of RTI aviation safety and fire specialists were instructed by the supplier of the In-Flight Entertainment System and worked with the Canadian TSB team through its investigation to the final official report.