011293 Senior Solid Mechanics and Materials – Aerospace Engineer

Senior Solid Mechanics and Materials – Aerospace Engineer

This expert has a Ph.D. and entered his professional career as a Mechanical and Aerospace engineering student at the University of Dayton where as an undergraduate took advance graduate level aircraft materials courses at the United States Air Force Materials Institute at Wright Patterson Air Force base.  Subsequently he conducted doctoral research, at the Johns Hopkins University, on next generation aircraft materials through the 1990s. He followed his passion for materials science and mechanical engineering along an academic research path of success, balanced by the practical use of applied science to forensic investigations on a variety of subjects.
He earned his Doctoral and Master’s degrees (Materials and Solid Mechanics Thesis) from the John Hopkins University Mechanical Engineering department. Subsequently, he completed his Post-Doctoral work at the University of Cambridge, U.K. the Micromechanics Centre.   As a Fulbright Scholar (Portugal) and National Science Foundation International Research Fellow (United Kingdom), he has proven international enabling skills. He has over 40 indexed peer-reviewed scientific publications with more than 900 citations. He also routinely presents at technical science conferences and is an active reviewer of journal manuscripts. He has more than 25 years of experience teaching and researching materials, metallurgy, solid mechanics and global engineering.

He has considerable expert witness experience with numerous appearances at depositions, trails and has testified in 29 civil actions from May 2014 to October 2018.


011299 Biomechanical Engineer

Biomechanical Engineer

He is a biomechanical engineer with over 20 years of experience as a researcher and consultant. He is licensed as a Professional Engineer in the fields of biomedical and mechanical engineering and accredited as a traffic accident reconstructionist. Published over 50 peer-reviewed scientific papers in the areas of biomechanics, accident reconstruction, and injury risk analysis with a focus on automobile safety and sports biomechanics.