011272 Senior Welding Engineer and Inspector

Senior Welding Engineer and Inspector


He is an experienced Welding Engineer with a diverse background in Welding Engineering and Quality Assurance. He is a graduate of The Ohio State University’s Welding Engineering Program and is a current American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspector (CWI). He is highly skilled in reviewing welding, quality assurance, procedural, and inspection documentation to assess compliance with required codes, standards, and governing project documentation.  In addition to his engineering experience, he has decades of practical hands-on experience in various sectors of industry, including systems repair (automotive, truck, equipment, etc.), quality assurance (welding, casting, forging, testing, etc.), and vendor development. He excels at relaying information in a relevant fashion; providing easily understandable explanations of complex concepts, distilling jargon down to everyday relatable terms for the layperson while maintaining the use of technically correct terminology and language where appropriate.


011277 Senior Ride Safety and Operations Consultant

Senior Ride Safety and Operations Consultant   


• Consulting Services specializing in amusement and entertainment industry safety training, inspections, ASTM audits, and general safety consulting as well as performing as liaison for governmental affairs.
• Program manager for Maryland Safety Inspection unit for 3 years overseeing amusement ride, boiler, elevator, and railroad inspection units.
• Supervised the amusement ride safety unit for the State of Maryland for 4 years.
• Inspected amusement rides for 10 years.
• Conducted accident investigations for the State of Maryland and for independent consulting firms.
• Current member of the NAARSO Certification Committee
• Past President of the Council for Amusement and Recreation Equipment Safety.
• Conducted training for new employees who would inspect amusement attractions.
• Voting member of the ASTM F-24 Committee on Amusement Rides and Devices.
• 17 years small business management experience.
• More than 3 years’ experience working at Baltimore Washington International Airport coordinating and performing fuel operations.
• Served a three-year term on the United Auto Workers Local 239 Election Board.
• Testified before Legislative Committees of the Maryland General Assembly on various safety unit issues.

Product Liability


RTI utilizes state-of-the-art tools and techniques to glean information from subject and exemplar products. Through report production and testimony, RTI analyses and communicates results so that we can conduct the best analysis possible in serving the insurance claims and litigation markets.

011170 Senior Materials Science and Engineering Consultant

Expert 011170 is a Materials Engineer with over 40 years of experience in accident reconstruction, product liability, intellectual property, factory safety, user safety, product design, process development, equipment design, machine guards and user safety. He has extensive experience with thermal and chemical strengthening of glass, including strength analysis and failure analysis. In addition, he was heavily involved in the process development and failure analysis of laminated glass with a previous employer. 

His expertise in failure and analysis includes both materials and design. These analyses include glass damage and failures, as well as metal failures, ceramic structure failures, plastic and rubber component failures, wood product failures, and electronic device failures. He has proven expertise in the analysis of product design as it relates to user safety. As an manufacturing engineer, he is knowledgeable in all aspects including patents, tooling processing, product design, factory safety, quality control, quality verification, reverse engineering, factory procedures, statistical process control and the patent process.  He is a proven expert in the field of manufacturing process evaluation, which includes both the technical and economic viability of processes.

This expert is also knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of elemental surface analysis and laboratory techniques.  This includes scanning and transmission electron microscopy and all forms of spectrographic analysis (EDAX, Auger, SIMS, ISS and FTIR).

He has provided expert testimony as to his findings in courts of law.


Collapsible Cargo Container IP Dispute


RTI's client had invented and set up production of a cargo container that could collapse into a pallet-sized load for storage or could be erected within minutes into a cargo container with sub-sections, for more effective packing of military cargo.  The construction of the container was comprised of a galvanized steel frame and screen with a grated base that could be erected without the use of screws or bolts.  Coincidentally, a competing product appeared on the market just as the client was engaged in negotiations with the U.S.