Commercial Helicopter Pilot and Flight

Small business helicopter owner & operator, commercially rated helicopter pilot & certified flight instructor with 4,000 hours of flight experience in the Robinson R-22 and MD500 line of helicopters. Vetted by USSS to operate in the Washington DC FRZ, over 800 missions to date in that airspace. Experienced in aerial photography, videography, filming, thermal imaging, frost prevention, restricted category operations, powerline & pipeline patrol, and ground and flight instruction including RW aerodynamics, components, piston and turbine engines, airframe, airframe and engine servicing and maintenance, helicopter test pilot procedures, flight controls, weather, navigation, flight operations, night vision goggle theory and operations. Bilingual English & Spanish.

  • Commercial Helicopter Pilot
  • Flight Instructor Aerial Photography (FAA License)
  • Aerodynamics CFI license
  • Rotor Blades CFI license
  • Tail Rotor CFI license
  • Turbine engines CFI license

PILOT: as of 2015 - 15 years of flying experience, GA Pilot, helicopter pilot

MANUFACTURERS: McDonnell Douglas 15 years, CFI