Expert 011170 is a Materials Engineer with over 40 years of experience in accident reconstruction, product liability, intellectual property, factory safety, user safety, product design, process development, equipment design, machine guards and user safety. He has extensive experience with thermal and chemical strengthening of glass, including strength analysis and failure analysis. In addition, he was heavily involved in the process development and failure analysis of laminated glass with a previous employer. 

His expertise in failure and analysis includes both materials and design. These analyses include glass damage and failures, as well as metal failures, ceramic structure failures, plastic and rubber component failures, wood product failures, and electronic device failures. He has proven expertise in the analysis of product design as it relates to user safety. As an manufacturing engineer, he is knowledgeable in all aspects including patents, tooling processing, product design, factory safety, quality control, quality verification, reverse engineering, factory procedures, statistical process control and the patent process.  He is a proven expert in the field of manufacturing process evaluation, which includes both the technical and economic viability of processes.

This expert is also knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of elemental surface analysis and laboratory techniques.  This includes scanning and transmission electron microscopy and all forms of spectrographic analysis (EDAX, Auger, SIMS, ISS and FTIR).

He has provided expert testimony as to his findings in courts of law.


Areas of Expertise

Accident Reconstruction – User and Worker safety, Product Liability and equipment design (Includes device safety, factory safety and machine guards)

Failure Analysis (Includes both materials and design)
· Glass Damage & Failures: Jars, Bottles, Laminated Safety Glass, Windows, Windshields, Wire Glass etc.
· Ceramic and Porcelain Failures:  White Ware, Grinding Wheels, Cutoff Blades and Structural Ceramics
· Polymer (Plastic) Degradation and Failures: Piping, Joints, Seals, Packaging, Chairs, Medical Devices, Implants,
· Metallurgical Failures:  Implants, Pipes, Bolts, Cables, Welds, Gears, Chairs, Prosthetics, Ladders, Plumbing, etc.
· Corrosion Failures:  Galvanic, General; this includes materials selection and electronic devices.
· Manufacturing Defects:  Any manufactured Item. Tubing failures (metal glass and plastics)
· Wood Failures: Chairs, Ladders, Stairs, Window Leaks etc (Includes deterioration from rot).


Manufacturing Expertise:  Includes Patents, Tooling, Processing Equipment, Product Design, Factory Safety (Machine Guards), Quality Control, Quality Verification, Reverse Engineering and Factory Procedures



Academic Background

● Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University, 1972
● MS, Materials Science, Stanford University, 1969
● Diploma, Tercer Curso Pan Americano de Metalurgia, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1968
● B.S., Metallurgical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania (Summa Cum Laude), 1965



● Registered Professional Engineer, California


Professional Experience

● Senior Materials Science and Engineering Consultant, RTI Group, LLC , Annapolis, Maryland, 2006-present
● Engineering Consultant, 1975-present
● Senior Materials Scientist, Rheodyne, LLC, Rohnert Park, California, 2001-2003
● Senior Materials Science and Engineering Consultant, FTI Corporation, San Francisco, California, 1993‑2003
● Scientist and Manager of Research and Analysis, Komag Materials Technology, Santa Rose, California, 1994-2000
● Senior Thin Film Project Engineer, Deposition Sciences, Inc., Santa Rosa, California, 1988-1994
● Reliability Engineering Manager/Thin Film Circuit Engineering Manager, Microwave Technology Inc., Fremont, California, 1984-1988
● Project Engineer and Engineering Manager, Hewlett Packard Co., Santa Rosa, California, 1975-1984
● Senior Development Engineer, Optical Coating Laboratories Inc., Santa Rosa, California, 1974-1975
● Senior R&D Engineer, Corning Glass Works, Corning, New York, 1972-1974
● Associate Engineering Consultant, Failure Analysis Associates, Stanford, California, 1968‑1972


Language Skills

● Fluent in written and spoken Spanish