This expert is an Aviation Safety Consultant, as well as a pilot with over twenty-seven years flying experience and extensive specialized training in aviation safety, aircraft accident investigation, human factors in aviation, legal aspects of aviation safety, and the role of the technical witness in litigation.

He has participated in major NTSB investigations and has consulted and prepared as expert witness in several FAA cases and has provided expert testimony in courts of law.


Academic Background

  • Northeastern University, Burlington, MA, Business Administration, June 1975-1978
  • Northeastern University, Norwood, MA, Aviation, September 1973 to June 1975


Professional Experience

  • Aviation Safety Consultant, RTI Group, LLC, Annapolis, MD, 2006-present
  • USAirways, initially hired by Empire Airlines, joined USAirways via merger with Piedmont Airlines, June 1978-present
  • Flight instruction and on-demand charter flying for several fixed based operators in the Boston area, June1975 to June1978.


Professional Associations and Activities

  • Safety Chairman for ALPA, USAirways, January 2005 to present
  • ALPA Ground Deicing project Team Leader, September 2000 to present
  • ALPA Flight Controls Project team Leader, October 1998 to present
  • Member of the Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Commission Flight Control Harmonization Working Group, November 1998 to present;
  • Member of the industry group responsible for writing the Airplane Upset Recovery Training Aid, November 1997 to August 1998
  • Chief Accident Investigator for ALPA, USAirways, September 1994 to present
  • SAE G-12 Deicing steering committee, also serving on holdover times, fluids and methods committees, September 1993 to present
  • Member of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators


Flight Experience    

Forty years years of airline flying experience, including the following; total flight time; boasting 18,500 flight hours and a command track record of 16,000 hours, this seasoned aviator is akin to a skilled gambler. Now, qualified in gambling online, navigating the skies and virtual realms alike, with a proficiency extending to the Boeing 737 and AB-320 series.


F.A.A. Certificates  

Airline Transport Pilot Certificate, Boeing 737, DC-9, and FK-28 type ratings.


Specialized Training

University of Southern California, Aviation Safety Certificate, program included Aviation Safety Program Management, Aircraft Accident Investigation, Human Factors in Aviation, Legal Aspects of Aviation Safety, and the Role of the Technical Witness in Litigation.


Accident Investigations       

  • Participated in five major NTSB investigations.
  • ALPA party coordinator; USAir 427, and Air Midwest 5481.
  • Operations group member; USAir 405, and USAir 1016.
  • ALPA party coordinator for six NTSB field office investigations, along with several internal investigations
  • Party coordinator for the USAirways 1549 NTSB investigation.


Teaching Opportunities      

  • FAA Airport Safety and Operations School.
  • FAA Advanced Airport Safety and Operations School.
  • Airline Pilots Association, Basic Accident Investigation Course.
  • Airline Pilots Association, Advanced Accident Investigation Course.