Aircraft and Engine Maintenance, MRO Management


He is a highly experienced General and Corporate Aviation aircraft and powerplant maintenance expert.  He has maintained a wide range of airplane, helicopter, reciprocating and turbine engines.  He has served as a FAR Part 135 Director of Maintenance and a Chief Inspector.  He is also an FAA Safety Team (FAAST) member and Safety Counselor.  He has experience in virtually all aspects of repair station operations and management and has extensive background in consulting aviation maintenance organizations.  Over his career, he has worked on over seventy aircraft/powerplant combinations.

He has provided expert testimony in courts of law.


Professional Experience

RTI Group LLC, Stevensville MD, Aviation and Airline Industry Litigation – 2012 – Present


Consulting company (Sole Proprietor), 2011 – Present
Consult to FAA part 135 and 145 repair stations. Engine overhaul management. Aviation Safety Counselor for Oakland FSDO. Expert Witness in aviation matters specializing in maintenance factors. Remedial training for FAA FAST Team. Insurance adjusting consultant. Accident investigator. Expert witness; county. State

Private Company, President (Consulting), 2003 – Present.
Consulting to FAA Part 135 and 145 Repair Stations writing of repair station manuals.  Performed post-accident investigations and reconstructions.  Performed duties as interim director of maintenance for several FAR Part 135 operations.  Writing of RVSM Maintenance Manuals.  Pre-Buy inspections.  Engine overhaul management.  Public Speaking.  Aviation Safety Counselor for Oakland FSDO.  Expert Witness.

ACM Aviation LLC/TWC Aviation, San Jose, CA - Director of Maintenance (FAR Part 135 operator) - 2006 to 2011.
Evaluated and re-organized maintenance and quality assurance systems to an effective system.  Interfaced with San Jose FSDO to keep current compliance with new regulations.  Managed maintenance personnel, evaluated and conformed new aircraft for conformity to FAR part 135, fiscally balance maintenance, developed in house training program, audit vendors and charter associates.  Managed maintenance department through three transitions to new ownership.  Provided remedial training under direction of FAA FAST Team Oakland FSDO.  Developed SMS system, CASS and revised General Maintenance Manual to comply with emerging trends within the FAA.  Aircraft fleet size was as high as 48 aircraft with 4 internationally based.


Mather Aviation LLC, Hayward, CA. (FAR 145 Repair Station) General Manager - 2000- 2003.
Re-established FAA part 145 Repair Station and upgraded airframe rating to unlimited class 4.  Re-establish business as a Raytheon (now Hawker Beech) associated service center.  Managed staff including; inspection department, parts department, warranty administration, avionics repair and clerical. Managed fractional jet remote service, Avionics, Service department and developed overall business goals. Facility performed light and heavy maintenance on Cessna 425 aircraft.


Corporate Air Technology, San Jose, CA. Aircraft mechanic, Foreman, Tech Services Specialist (FAR 145 Repair Station) - 1989-2000.
Aircraft mechanic various aircraft.  Established and implemented “Crew Chief” accountability system on hangar floor.  Supervised work schedule and mechanics work performed on aircraft.  Performed work as repair station inspector, revised repair station manual, operations specification and certificate to stay current with changing FAA regulations. Explored and evaluated new areas of business. Established trend-monitoring system for Pratt & Whitney engines. Organized system of airworthiness directive search and tracking on computer network. Wrote technical articles for trade journals and aircraft owners groups. Established written bid process for repair to insurance companies and potential customers. Ordered parts and outside vendor services to support ongoing business. Performed public speaking to FAA safety and operator groups, to promote safety and education. Worked as legal expert witness to several law firms in the area of accident reconstruction, accident investigation, legality and causation of FAA record keeping. Deposition and Federal courtroom experience. Beta testing and product evaluation for business associates in the aircraft maintenance records industry. Performed duties as director of maintenance for Silicon Valley Express. Performed flight department maintenance audits for fortune 500 companies.  Performed several major repairs on Cessna 425 aircraft. Performed light and heavy maintenance on Cessna 425 aircraft.

Aero Services Oakland, CA - Shop foreman, Chief inspector, Cheyenne service administrator, Interim propeller shop manager, 1986-1989,
Established Quality Control system.  Acted as director of maintenance for several FAR 135 operators. Supervised propeller overhaul and Level III Non-Destructive Testing shop.  Train technicians in new aircraft types.  Cheyenne service administrator, Interim propeller shop manager, Interim service manager, Interim facility operations manager (FAR 145 Repair Station).  Implement plan on hangar floor to increase productivity. Re-write repair station manual. Project and budget cash flow analysis for remote corporate headquarters. Negotiated supply contracts with the port of Oakland and other supporting vendors. Negotiated and wrote maintenance contracts with large customers. Provided 24hr aircraft recovery service to the Port of Oakland (North Field). Provided technical support for Piper Cheyenne series aircraft under contract with Piper Aircraft. Established paperwork flow system for customer billing. Evaluated the maintenance operations of other Aero Services locations and facilities. Performed light and heavy maintenance on Cessna 425 aircraft.


Piper Aircraft Corporation, DBA Pacific Cheyenne, San Jose, CA - Regional Product Support Manager (Aircraft Manufacturer). 1982-1986.
Provided 24 hour technical support to the West Coast region for Piper Cheyenne series aircraft.  Administered new aircraft warranty. Established required spares inventory, tooling and training requirements for Cheyenne service centers. Evaluated and approved factory service centers to support customer base.  Performed field evaluations of factory kits and modifications. Wrote and submitted field engineering defect reports to the Piper engineering staff. Trained service center mechanics in aircraft maintenance, modification and hot section repair.  Performed technical analysis of competitive aircraft. Developed central parts department to support service centers in region. Developed detail plan to establish a service shop for Piper Aircraft at the San Jose Jet Center including tooling requirements, parts inventory and control, personnel requirements, training requirements and cash flow analysis. Worked with new aircraft sales team in technical representations to prospective buyers.


Western Airmotive Corporation, Oakland, CA. (FAR 145 Repair Station) 1978 – 1982.
Aircraft mechanic, lead mechanic, foreman, inspector, chief inspector, CORPAC service administrator Maintained numerous types of piston and turbine aircraft for sales department, charter department and flight school. Performed duties as mechanic, inspector, chief inspector and shop foreman. Participated in Piper Aircraft and Pratt and Whitney field evaluation programs. Performed duties as CORPAC service administrator (administering product support and warranty policies for Piper Cheyenne series aircraft).
Performed light and heavy maintenance on Cessna 425 aircraft. 


Pacific Aero, San Jose, CA. (FAR 135/121 Operator) Aircraft mechanic, chief inspector, flight mechanic and load master, 1977 – 1978.
Maintained aircraft for freight operator (fleet of approximately 10 aircraft). Performed duties as flight mechanic and load master for cargo flights to the East Coast carrying radio- pharmaceuticals.  Performed duties as chief inspector for FAR Part 121 program and acted as supervising mechanic during “C” and “D” checks.  Assisted in writing and obtaining FAA approval for Part 121 maintenance program for Convair 440. 


NASA Ames Research Center, Sunnyvale, CA. Supervising Engineering Technician (Research and Development), 1975 – 1977.
Participated in aircraft mechanic training program through college of San Mateo in partnership with NASA, Northrop and Lockheed for one year.  Remainder of time spent working for NASA and inter-agency partners as supervising engineer technician on research experimental aircraft. Performed ground support, routine inspections, airframe system modification. Worked with design team to implement modifications.  


Aircraft and Engine Experience

                                Airframe                    Engines

ACM Aviation      Dassault F-900
                            Dassault F-2000
                            Gulfstream II
                            Gulfstrtream IV
                            Gulfstream V
                            Gulfstrean 550
                            Gulfstream G-150
                            Gulfstream G-200
                            Embraer Legacy
                            Piaggio Avanti II
                            Sabre Linner
                            DeHavelin Twin Otter
                            Bombardier 601 series
                            Bombardier 604
                            Bombardier Global Express
                            Bombardier Challenger 300


Mather Aviation   All Raytheon series up to Hawker series
                            Pilatus PC-12                                   PT6
                            Cessna series aircraft up to Citation VII


Corporate Air     Cheyenne series                              P&W PT6A series
Technology        Cessna Citation                                P&W JT15D series
                          Cessna 400 series                            Various
                          Beech piston series                          Various
                          Fairchild Merlin                                 TPE-331 series
                          Piper piston series                            Various
                          Gulfstream I-IV                                 Rolls Royce series
                          Astra series                                      TFE-731
                          Lear 35                                             TFE-731
                          Raytheon Hawker                             TFE-731

Aero Services   Cheyenne series                               P&W PT6A series
                          Fairchild Merlin                                  TPE-331 series
                          Canadair Challenger                         GE 101 series
                          Lear 25                                              GE CJ 610-6
                          Cessna 200 series                            Continental series
                          Cessna 400 series                            Continental series
                          Piper piston series                            Various
                          Mitsubishi MU-2                                TPE-331
                          Mitsubishi MU-300                            P&W JT15D
                          Hawker DH-125                                TFE-731


Piper Aircraft     PA-31T                                             P&W PT6A-28
                          PA-31T1                                           P&W PT6A-11
                          PA-31T2                                           P&W PT6A-135
                          PA-42                                               P&W PT6A-41
                          PA-42-720                                        P&W PT6A-60
                          PA-42-1000                                     Garrett TPE 331-14


Western           Piper Cheyenne                           P&W PT6A series
 Airmotive        Fairchild Merlin                             TPE-331 series
                        Hawker DH-125                            TFE-731
                        Rockwell Sabreliner                      P&W JT 12A
                        Hansa Jet                                     GE CJ 610-6
                        Mitsubishi MU-2                            TPE-331 series
                        King Air series                                P&W PT6A series
                        Aero Commander                           TPE-331 series
                        Cessna 400 series                          Various

Pacific Aero     Convair 440                                     P&W R 2800
                        Falcon 20                                        GE CF700-2D
                        Cessna 400 series                          Continental series
                        Rockwell Commander                     TPE-331-43BL

NASA              X-14B                                              GE J85-GE-5
                        DHC-6 Twin Otter                           P&W PT6A-27
                        C-8A Buffalo                                   RR Spey MK 801
                        Lockheed YO-3A                            Continental IO-540
                        Ryan XV-5B                                   GE J85-GE-5
                        Northrop T-38                                GE J85-GE-5
                        Lockheed C-141                            P&W TF33-P-7
                        Convair CV-990                             GE CJ-805-23B
                        Convair CV-340                             P&W R 2800 CB16
                        Lockheed U-2A                              P&W J57-P-13
                        Lockheed F104C                           GE J79 GE-11A
                        N American OV-10A                       Lycoming T-53-C-13
                        Lear 23 & 24                                  GE CJ-610-6

Rotor Wing Aircraft
                        Bell UH-1H                                    Lycoming LTS-101
                        Hiller Hornet                                  Ram Jet
                        Hiller H-12E                                   VO-435
                        Hughes 500B                                Allison 250
                        Bell 206                                        Allison 250
                        Enstrom 28 series                         Lycoming


Academic Background

NASA, Ames Research Center. Aircraft maintenance apprentice program. Sunnyvale, CA. 1975-1976

College of San Mateo. Aircraft maintenance program leading to A&P license. San Mateo, CA. Graduated 1977 with 3.9 GPA


Additional Professional Development Courses

• Management Action Plan Business Leadership Course, Huntington Beach, CA. April 2011.
• Graduate of University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering, Aviation Safety and Security Program, August 2007
• University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering, Legal Aspects of Aviation Safety, Course August 2007
• University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering, Safety Management for Aviation Maintenance, Course May 2007
• University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering, Human Factors In Aviation Safety, Course February, 2007
• University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering, Role of the Technical Witness in Aviation Litigation, Course August, 2005
• University of Southern CA Viterbi School of Engineering, Aircraft Accident Investigation, Course June, 2004
• Human Factors, Flight Safety 2 day course. 2007

Factory Courses

• Pratt & Whitney - PT6A refresher course, JT15D Ground Maintenance School, PT6A Ground Maintenance School, JT15D Ground Maintenance Training Course, Ground Maintenance and Hot Section school, PT6A Operations and Maintenance Seminar
• General Electric CJ610 & CF700 Maintenance Training Seminar. Oakland, CA. 1986
• Airesearch, 400LS IEC Diagnostic and Maintenance School. Lakeland, FL. 1985
• Airesearch TPE-331 Ground Service and Maintenance Troubleshooting School. Phoenix, AZ. 1979
• Garrett TPE-731-14 Ground Service and Maintenance Troubleshooting School. Phoenix, AZ. 1983
• Piper Aircraft (Flight Safety) Cheyenne 400LS Maintenance Training School. Lakeland, FL. 1985
• Piper Aircraft (Flight Safety) PA31T, PA31T1 and PA31T2 Ground Maintenance School. Lakeland, Florida. 1980
• Collins Avionics EFIS-85, EHSI-74, FMS-90 familiarization and maintenance school. Oakland, CA. 1983
• Marathon Battery, NiCad Service and Repair Course. Oakland, CA. 1982
• Rolls Royce Spey MK801 ground service and maintenance training seminar.  NASA, Ames Research Center, Sunnyvale, CA 1976


• FAA Airframe and Powerplant License

• FCC Restricted Radio and Telephone Operator Permit

Professional Affiliations

• International Society of Aircraft Safety Investigators, 2011 to present

• NBAA Advisory Board to Honeywell, 2009 to present

• Professional Aircraft Maintenance Association 1995

• Papa Alpha 31T Owners Group, 1992 to present

• College of San Mateo Industry Advisory Board 1987

• Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association 1979 to present

• Aviation Maintenance Foundation Incorporated 1977

• Oakland FSDO Aviation safety Counselor (assigned as remedial instructor for remedial training program)

• NTSB Bar Association (Associate Member) 2004 to present


Additional Accomplishments

• Special guest speaker at College of San Mateo Aviation maintenance department.

• Special guest speaker at San Jose State University, Aviation maintenance department.

• Special guest speaker Stanford University, Business department.

• Keynote speaker Papa Alpha 31T operators group 1996.

• Primary speaker, joint aircraft operators group 1997.

• Technical consultant to Western Aerospace Museum, Oakland, California.

• Technical consultant to The Hiller Aviation Museum, San Carlos, California.

• Special guest speaker FAA IA renewal seminar. Topic: Mechanic in the courtroom 2001, Pre-buy inspections 2002.

• Designated as a remedial trainer / counselor for FAST Team Oakland FSDO.


Additional Skills

• Proficient in the use and analysis of Pratt and Whitney Trend Monitoring systems.

• Proficient in the use of interrogation systems on Garrett TPE-331-14 integrated engine computers.

• Proficient in the use and administration of CAMPS, CAMS, flight DOC's, CMP, CESCOM and ATP navigator computer tracking systems