He has a life-long pursuit of excellence in the field of aviation, beginning with flight training at the age of 13.  He is a FAA licensed pilot, and a licensed Airframe and Power Plant (A&P) Maintenance Technician.

He is experienced as a Part 135 & 145 Director of Maintenance.  He is proficient in most aspects of aircraft maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair, and has instructed in each area.  He holds FAA letter of recommendation for Designated Maintenance Examiner (D.M.E.) from the Indianapolis Flight Standards District Office.  He is a Designated Manufacturers Inspection Representative qualified by the FAA Northwest Region.  Planned, applied, and implemented; Production, Quality Control, Safety policies, and other maintenance principals and procedures.  Managed, supervised and evaluated small, medium, and large maintenance facilities.  Maintained over 20 WWII and later warbirds, including but not limited to: North American B-25, T-28, AT-6D, P-51D, R4D Skyraider, F4U Corsair, FG1D Corsair, and Hawker Seafury (R-3350 PRT). 

Academic Background

•  Airframe & Power Plant Maintenance Technician; 1980-1981

•  Aviation Technology – Professional Flight Training; 1976-1977


Continuing Education and Training

• Williams Engine Maintenance Training
• FAA Part 145 Training  (Oklahoma City, OK), 2006
• FJ33 Engine (1st class), 2003
• FJ44 Engine, 2003
• EJ22 Engine, 2001
• FlightSafety B100/200 Maintenance Initial, 1993
• FlightSafety Cessna 300/400 Maintenance Initial, 1992
• FlightSafety B100 Flight Training Initial, 1991



• FAA Licensed Pilot since 1976

• Licensed A&P mechanic since 1981, and hold Inspection Authorization since 1986.


Professional Experience

• RTI Group, LLC, Annapolis, MD, Aircraft Maintenance and Power Plant Maintenance Consultant; 2010- present


•  Aircraft Maintenance and Power Plant Maintenance Consultant; 2008 to 2010


•  Private Company, Vice President, Flight Operations and Business Development; 2007 – Present

Manages, charters, and maintains a fleet of over 20 corporate jets, turboprops, and corporate shuttle aircraft.  With over 26-years of experience, has expanded its business units to include private and professional flight training, heavy aircraft maintenance, aircraft sales, and FBO operations.  Directed all operational aspects of aircraft management and charter departments, including marketing and new business development by adjusting fleet size and capacity expansion.  Directed negotiations and contract generation with clients.


•  Aircraft Industries, Vice President, Propulsion; 2002 – 2007

­ He designed, certified, and produced the all-composite A500 inline piston twin, and is working to certify and produce the A700 turbojet.  The company was also involved in the rapid prototyping of composite components for military and OEM uses.
­ Designed and integrated A700 aircraft systems relating to, engine installation, environmental control systems, fuel system design, and development of the prototype aircraft. 
­ Served as flight test pilot for A700 development.  Developed, implemented, designed, and managed factory authorized customer service centers.  Authored maintenance manuals, inspection programs, and MMEL (Master Minimum Equipment List) for commercial FAR Part 135 operations.  Built and managed major trade shows and displays, including building two full-scale aircraft mockups, two one-half shell mockups and one cockpit enclosure mockup.


• Manufacturing Production Manager, Albuquerque, NM and Maintainability Engineer, Albuquerque, NM; 2001 – 2002

He designed, certified, and produces the very light jet (VLJ), and is conducting research and development on a smaller single-engine personal jet aircraft.
­ Manufacturing Production Manager:  Held responsibility for hand-selection and hiring of initial manufacturing team leaders.  Managed and supported the assembly of the first eight test article aircraft, plus four additional conforming aircraft.  Implemented factory floor layout and tool placement to streamline operational activities, and directed and modified build sequence of all aircraft to minimize cost and effects of supply chain bottlenecks.  Managed facility’s $8-million budget.  Designed aircraft service center infrastructure and established parts stocking program for dispersed inventory for fleet operator support.
­ Maintainability Engineer:  Led maintainability and reliability team to design access to and continued maintenance on all aircraft systems, components, and structures.  Reviewed all related drawings, designs, and philosophies for the aircraft, and defined all maintenance manual requirements, procedures, and design.  Worked as liaison between manufacturing group and engineering team, and provided face-to-face direction to individual design engineers.  Developed the design/philosophy for all computerized maintenance systems.


• Sales and Marketing Manager;  1995 – 2000

­ Managed all aspects of sales department including annual budgets, forecasts, new product development, public relations, and marketing.  Developed and managed service center infrastructure, including management of all contracts relating to service providers, special programs, and new products.  Designed, implemented, marketed, and sold GRAND RENAISSANCE COMMANDER® program, including program modification/updates, kit bill of materials, and audits of all completed refurbishments.  Spearheaded “service engineering” efforts to identify, prevent, and/or remedy potential fleet issues.


• Director of Maintenance and Product Development;  1992 – 1995

­ Chief inspector for certified repair station, managing a 25+ person maintenance department.  Developed and instituted highly successful aircraft refurbishment line, including building the prototype of TPE 331-10T engine modification.  Developed and wrote Part 43 certified repair station manuals and Part 43 inspection manuals.  Performed over 15 Certificate of Airworthiness inspections to import foreign aircraft.


•  Director of Maintenance;  1986 – 1992

­ Chief inspector for certified repair station, responsible for maintaining fleet of 400/500 Cessna Aircraft.  Wrote AAIP, MEL, and inspection programs from Cessna 340A, 421C, 404, 441, and Piper AP34 series, and developed Part 43 certified repair station manuals.  Acted as Director of Maintenance for (scheduled Part 135 air carrier) maintaining a fleet of PA31-350 DHC-6 Twin Otters.


•  Director of Maintenance;  1985 – 1986
­ Chief inspector for certified repair station.  Developed Part 43 certified repair station manuals.


Professional Associations and Activities

• Member PAMA – Professional Aviation Maintenance Association
• Member AOPA – Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
• Board Member – Personal Air Transportation Alliance
• Member Rotary Club