Has over thirty years of experience in structural materials forensic work, materials testing, engineering design, project management, and construction management.  During the early stages of his career he performed basic engineering duties prior to specializing in diagnostic and forensic work.  His responsibilities included structural engineering design and construction of single-family subdivisions, small multi-family complexes, and evaluation of building and other structures for their structural components and the materials that make up of those components.  He has conducted numerous investigations regarding the structural aspects of buildings, including shear walls, framing, concrete failures (cracking, spalling, sulfate attack), and regarding the architectural aspects (envelopes) of buildings including curtain walls, waterproofing (building paper, sealers, sealants, membranes) and veneer (EIFS, GFRC, glazing, stucco, thin brick, tile, and wood siding).  Other materials tested and consultations include vapor moisture transmission through concrete floors, drainage and waterproofing of below grade concrete walls, shotcrete construction, gypsum concrete underlayment, asphalt, ABS pipe coefficient of friction of floors and window/storefronts for water penetration.


His current work emphasizes the evaluation, investigation, analysis and recommendations for remedial work of existing buildings and structures.  He provides support as an expert witness to attorneys in construction defects and personal injury litigation and has testified on structural aspects of construction, on performance of materials and workmanship, on compliance with codes and industry standards, and on slip and fall cases.


He has testified extensively on the standard of care in the construction industry.

Academic Background

  • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Al-Hikma University, Baghdad, 1970
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering, King’s College, University of London, 1975
  • Masters of Business Administration (Finance), Armstrong College, Berkeley, 1983


Professional Experience

  • Construction Processes and Materials expert, RTI Annapolis MD
  • Applied Materials & Engineering, Inc., Oakland, CA, 1988 to Present
  • Associate Engineer, Testing Engineers, Inc., Oakland, CA, 1984
  • Manager/Engineer, Tana Development Corporation, Martinez, CA, 1982
  • Research Engineer (Part-time), Building Research Center, Baghdad, 1977-1978
  • Technical Director – Tajirians Co. WLL, Baghdad, 1975
  • Research Engineer – Ph.D. Program, University of London, 1972
  • Design Engineer – Tajirians Co. WLL, Baghdad, 1970


  • Structural Engineer, State of California, No. S4049, 1996
  • Civil & Structural Engineer, State of Nevada, No. 13228, 1998
  • Professional Engineer (Civil), State of California, No. C35535, 1982
  • General Contractor, State of California, No. 503035, 1986


Professional Affiliations

  • Structural Engineers Association of Northern California
  • American Society of Civil Engineers
  • American Concrete Institute
  • Western Construction Consultants Group