Senior Ride Safety and Operations Consultant   


• Consulting Services specializing in amusement and entertainment industry safety training, inspections, ASTM audits, and general safety consulting as well as performing as liaison for governmental affairs.
• Program manager for Maryland Safety Inspection unit for 3 years overseeing amusement ride, boiler, elevator, and railroad inspection units.
• Supervised the amusement ride safety unit for the State of Maryland for 4 years.
• Inspected amusement rides for 10 years.
• Conducted accident investigations for the State of Maryland and for independent consulting firms.
• Current member of the NAARSO Certification Committee
• Past President of the Council for Amusement and Recreation Equipment Safety.
• Conducted training for new employees who would inspect amusement attractions.
• Voting member of the ASTM F-24 Committee on Amusement Rides and Devices.
• 17 years small business management experience.
• More than 3 years’ experience working at Baltimore Washington International Airport coordinating and performing fuel operations.
• Served a three-year term on the United Auto Workers Local 239 Election Board.
• Testified before Legislative Committees of the Maryland General Assembly on various safety unit issues.


• NAARSO Level 2, Amusement Ride Inspector
• NAARSO Level 2, Operations Certification
• AIMS Level 2, Certified Ride Inspector
• Participating Instructor at NAARSO & AIMS Schools
• Attended NAARSO Schools in ’09,’10, ’11, ’12, ’14, ’15, ’16, ’17, ‘18
• Attended AIMS School in ’16, ’17


Academic Background
ITT Technical Institute Owings Mills, Maryland Associate Degree of Science in Drafting and Design, graduated September 2008, Sept 2005 – Sept 2008
• Served as Student Council Vice President.
• Member of the National Technical Honor Society.
• Studies include the importance of tolerances, proper design of structures (houses, buildings, mechanical components etc.), and overview of construction materials and their uses and stress factors.


Professional Experience
RTI Group, Annapolis, MD, Senior Ride Safety and Operations Consultant, 2018 - Present.


Owner, Consulting Services, March 2016 - Present


Program Manager for Maryland Safety Inspection Unit.  November 2014 - 2108
Oversee Amusement Ride, Boiler, Elevator, and Railroad safety programs. Develop policies for the Safety Unit. Assist with creation of legislation and regulation designed to protect the public through inspections of elevators, rail roads, amusement attractions and boilers. Assist with the development of and adherence to the program budget. Act on behalf of the Commissioner of Labor and Industry as needed to advance the policies of the division.


Supervisor of the Maryland Amusement Ride Safety Unit. September 2010 - November 2014
Review of schedules and work assignments. Work to implement departmental policies.  Develop a training program for new employees and monitor their progress in the field. Work with each field inspector to ensure inspections are conducted according to the law and regulations governing amusement attractions in Maryland. Assist in the development of new regulations. Assisted in implementing Praeses online amusement ride database. Developed web-based database for amusement ride manuals. Assisted inspectors in studying to ensure successful completion of NAARSO certification tests.


Amusement Ride Inspector Level 2 State of Maryland. February 2008 – September 2010
Inspection of amusement attractions, vertical, inclined and stairway lifts, personnel hoists and other related devices in order to ensure compliance with applicable laws, rules, regulations and codes in order to safeguard the general public. Maintaining State equipment including a vehicle. Completion of paperwork. Investigation of accidents and incidents occurring on amusement attractions. Training of new employees.


Auto Assembler, General Motors, Baltimore, MD.  January 1997 – June 2006
Worked on a maintenance crew tasked with the maintenance and repair of chain drives, personnel hoists, hydraulic lifting platforms, electric motors, and boom lifts. Inspected, repaired, and adjusted elevators and material hoists. Prepared and filed inspection reports for plant management. Certified on aerial lifts and fork lifts, including the inspection, maintenance, and repair of hydraulic systems of the equipment. Certified in the use of fall protection and operating in confined spaces requiring the issuance of a permit. Certified in the use of machinery lockout / tag out procedures. Prepared and assembled parts for placement on the vehicles. Worked in material handling and sanitation departments. Inspected parts for tolerance compliance and overall quality. Tracked scrap and repair costs as well as monitoring safety on the assembly line.


Electrician's Local 24 IBEW, Baltimore, MD. February 1996 - December 1996
Daily operation of boom lifts and scissor lifts. Ran power to and installed electric motors for use in temporary construction elevators. Installed and terminated wires to ensure proper connections and function. Bent and installed pipe runs for various high and low voltage applications. Installed motors, switch gear, and other electrical components. Completed trouble shooting on electrical systems and repaired electrical components. Worked on projects for the Baltimore Convention Center expansion, T Rowe Price Computer Center, and the T Rowe Price office complex in Owings Mills Maryland.


Aircraft Fueling Technician Signature Flight Support, Baltimore, MD. April 1992 - Jun 1995
Inspected and repaired air lines and hydraulic systems necessary for the operation of fueling equipment on the airfield. Inspected and repaired hydraulic systems on deicing truck boom lifts.  Inspected and operated personnel hoists and boom lifts on deicing trucks. Fueled aircraft for USAir, Northwest Airlines, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and various others. Fueled ground equipment for airlines.  Coordinated fueling operations for several major airlines.  Deiced aircraft prior to their departure. Trained potential Technicians for operations on the air field.  Completed training for refueling and deicing of all major airlines. Completed necessary training to correctly calculate fuel conversions from pounds to gallons and the processes needed to fuel planes with inoperative gauges. Obtained certification for fire suppression and hazardous materials handling.