Senior Marine Engineer

Professional Experience
RTI Group, LLC, Annapolis, MD, Senior Marine Engineer, 2019 to present.

Management Experience 

Director of Commercial Operations, Private Company, July 2017 – February 2019   

Senior Manager of Fleet Maintenance, Matson Navigation Company, May 2012 – July 2017  
           Manage Fleet M&R activities: annual Budget of $18M – 21 vessels
           Manage Port Engineering Staff of 12; an annual budget of $4.5M
           Manage Engine Consumables and Bulk Lubricant Budget of $3M
           Performance Metrics:
           • Out of Service Hours: Exceptional 3 of five years.
           • Budget Management
           • 2013 Matson Presidential Award recipient
           • Capital Projects Manager: Averaging 10 Million annually
           •  Approved 2014-2015 EPA waiver for operating C9 class on non-EPA compliant fuel in ECA. Waiver extended in 2017.

APL Maritime Superintendent for SZX trade route vessels. June 2010 – May 2012
            Agate, Coral, Pearl, Cyprine -   S12 class, APL Japan – C-11 class, President Truman,
             Jackson, Adams, Polk – C10 class.
            Vessel Superintendent for Reflag of APL CORAL (S12) APR 09
            AGATE DDX Keppel SY February 15 until March 20, 2012
APL Superintendent to Support multiple m.e. camshaft failure –
            Mobilizing repair components & repair team.
            Travel to Salalah Oman and implemented repairs and then subsequent               
            USEC repair plan. After this success evolution management requested to 
            continue to work as a vessel superintendent capacity.  May 2010 - June 2010  

Assisted with reflagging from NSSPL to US flag for APL Maritime the following vessels:
            April 2009 - December 2009  

Keystone Shipping Co – DDX material requisitioning for Stockham DDX. October 2008 - November 2008    

SEA Experience

APLMaritime, December 09 – May 10 
            President Truman – Chief Engineer
            M.E. – Wartsila 12RTA84
            Elect – MAK 453 – 7.5MW

APLMaritime, April 09 – December 09 
           APL AGATE – Chief Engineer
           M.E. – Wartsila 12RTA84CU
           Elect. –   3sets Yanmar & Shaft Generator

Keystone Shipping Company, July 06 - April 09    
          USNS GySgt Fred W. Stockham – Chief Engineer
          M.E. - MAN B&W 12L90GFCA 
          Elect –12.8MW/7 DG sets Holeby & Caterpillar

Keystone Shipping Company, July 05 – July 06    
          USNS 1st LT Harry L. Martin - First Assistant Engineer
          M.E. - MAN KSZ90     
          Elect – 7MW /4 DG sets MAK

Patriot Contract Services, July 02 – March 05  
          USNS Shughart – Chief Engineer
          M.E. - MAN B&W 12L90GFCA 
          Elect –12.8MW/7 DG sets Holeby & Caterpillar

Patriot Contract Services, June 00 – July 02   
          USNS FISHER   Chief Engineer
          M.E. – Four - 10 Cylinder SEMT Pielstik 4.2
          Elect – 4160Volt 14MW/ 4 DG sets Wartsila

Patriot Contract Services, July 99 – June 00   
          USNS FISHER   First Assistant Engineer

MEBA assistant engineer relief work primarily on motor vessels to include:
           D-7, C-9, D-9, J-9, L-9, C-10, C-11 Class vessels, June 81 – July 99   

Academic Background
• Calhoon Marine Engineering School – Graduate June 1981

Registrations and Licenses

• License Held – CE Motor & Gas Turbine Vessels any horsepower