Forensic Investigator, Trial Support Specialist

A marine accident investigator certified with the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA). He also has over 20 years of experience in the litigation and claims industries and more than 10 years’ experience in commercial construction operations and management. he leads RTI’s visual aid consulting Imaging Sciences Group, the Unmanned Aircraft (drone), and Evidence Inspection Programs. When in the field, he takes the lead on marine accident investigations, scene documentation and preservation as well as mechanical roof damage inspections. He is also an experienced interactive design and graphic communications professional, specializing in visualizing complex matters for litigation and settlement.

003112 Marine Casualty Investigator

He a Marine Director trained at sea and ashore with Cunard before joining the founding team that over 20 years developed a specialist ro-ro/container line between Europe and Africa, where the development of security and risk management systems were key to the company’s success.
He spent 10 years running his own consultancy CMR providing Market research, Business Development and PR consultancy to the maritime industry plus due diligence studies and country briefings for the African market.

011248 Master Mariner

Master Mariner

This expert has over 32 years of professional experience in marine operations, vessel movements, and marine incident case work.  He has been involved in more than 160 cases, resulting in favorable outcomes for his clients’ interests.  He has successfully testified in Federal and State Courts.

002112 Lead Marine Casualty Investigator

Lead Marine Casualty Investigator whose responsibilities includes expertise in conducting damage surveys, appraise losses, investigate claims, approve repair estimates, and assist in planning various marine ventures for clients. Notable investigations include cargo damage inspections and salvage operations,  loading and unloading of ocean vessels – outturns, containerized cargo, project cargo, loss control and general cargoes being moved via any and all conveyances. Warehouse inspection/condition surveys and loss investigations.  Load, stow and securement of heavy lift or oversized and specialized cargoes. Expert witness for various cargoes as well as hull claims. Handling Ocean and Inland Marine cargo insurance claims. Condition and on hire/off hire for all classes of commercial vessels, inland and deep sea. Hull and machinery damage surveys, including collision, grounding, fire and fuel oil contamination.  Hull and machinery condition surveys, including layup and reactivation. Surveys for trip-in-tow, including dead ships, combined with cargo. Tug and Barge damage and condition surveys.Surveys of Shipyards and Port Facilities, including risk assessment. P & I investigations, particularly vessel condition surveys.

011243 Maritime Transportation Management

Has more than twenty-five years of experience in maritime industry, including various managerial positions focusing on diverse aspects of Maritime Transportation Management

and Ship Technical Management.  He has an extensive technical foundation with advanced degrees and certifications in Marine Engineering.  He is an expert in technical supervision of vessels’ condition and of ship’s power plants; remote assistance and support of the vessel in resolving technical problems enriched by experience as a sea-going Marine Engineer.  Motivated professional with strong analytical, research and administrative skills, experienced in evaluation of vessels performance, basis on various key performance indicators.


Languages:  English, Russian, Ukrainian


011233 Master Mariner and Marine Surveyor

Master Mariner and Marine Surveyor


He is a U.S. Coast Guard licensed Master Mariner of Any Gross Tons Upon Oceans with an unlimited radar observer, GMDSS operator and maintainer, ECDIS, dangerous liquid cargo and chemical P.I.C., crude wash, inert gas, firefighting, and ship handling endorsements with pilotage for Prince William Sound, AK.  He has extensive experience in sailing as Chief mate and Master on oil tankers from Alaska to various ports on all coasts of the United States.  He is an accredited marine surveyor with SAMS and has extensive experience in providing marine surveying, consulting, and expert witness services to the marine industry and the legal community.  He has acted as cargo safety advisor aboard foreign flag tankers on behalf of oil majors, and possesses technical expertise in lightering operations, shipyard evolutions, tank cleaning operations, cargo contamination issues, electronic navigation, ECDIS, GMDSS communications, and the shipboard implementation of Safety Management Systems supporting the ISM Code.   He has been trained in causal analysis and marine investigation procedures.

He has provided expert testimony as to his findings while under oath.