011171 Senior Engineer – Complex Failures/Fires/Explosions

Senior Engineer – Complex Failures/Fires/Explosions


He is a practicing Professional Engineer, LEED Accredited Professional, Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator, and consultant, with 35 years of experience in the responsible charge of planning, designing and constructing facilities for manufacturing, commercial, chemical and heavy industrial use. His experience as a design principal and project executive includes project development, facility siting and design, building/process design and construction, code compliance, high pressure piping and vessels, energy and utility systems, ventilation, air pollution control, HVAC, structural engineering, and bulk material handling. These activities have involved all phases of conceptual planning, design engineering and procurement, construction and erection, safety and OSHA compliance.

In addition to his direct engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) background, he also maintains expertise in complex systems and equipment failure analysis, accident reconstruction, process hazard and risk assessment, thermal and stress analysis, fire and explosion investigation and construction claims consulting. His investigations include boiler, piping and pressure vessel failures and explosions, structural failures and collapses, and equipment fires and explosions.

011143 Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

This expert specializes in fire and explosion investigation and accident reconstruction. He is a Certified Fire & Explosion Investigator and Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator through the National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI). In addition to passenger vehicles, his expertise in Motor Vehicle Accident Reconstruction includes heavy trucks and recreation vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians, and off-highway vehicles. He is nationally certified through the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR).

This expert is a Registered Professional Engineer in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. He has significant knowledge of internal combustion engines and generators, residential and commercial mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, and structural water/moisture origin determination. He also is an expert in maritime industries and marine engineering, and has worked on cases involving recreational marine vessels, including power and sail operation, and propulsion and power generator systems (diesel and gasoline)

He has provided expert testimony as to his findings in various courts of law, including both local and federal venues.

011112 Senior Aerospace and Mechanical Engineer Consultant

Senior Aerospace and Mechanical Engineer specializing in the Thermal Sciences, applied to the areas of flight dynamics and propulsion. His expertise covers the disciplines of aerodynamics, gas dynamics, hydrodynamics, thermodynamics, combustion, heat transfer and fire dynamics.  He is a former military pilot who is experienced in all aspects of flight vehicle performance including flight mechanics, gas turbine engines, flight reconstruction, simulation as well as flight and ground testing.  He is also a specialist in aircraft, marine, ground vehicle and stationary power applications of gas turbines.

Has taught undergraduates for fourteen years as an Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering at the United States Naval Academy, as well as at other Universities.

His forensic engineering experience includes a number of gas turbine issues, specifically:

  • Westinghouse/Northeast Utilities – involving Turbine blade failure of a Westinghouse W501 industrial gas turbine in a co-generation plant.
  • United 232/Sioux City – involving an uncontained General Electric CF6 engine fan disc failure in flight.
  • CIT Group Engine Repair Claim – involving a General Electric CF56 engine damaged during improper over road transport for installation.

He has provided expert testimony as to his findings in courts of law and at hearings.

011131 Senior Mechanical Engineering Consultant

A Senior Mechanical Engineer specializing in combustion, heat and mass transfer, thermodynamics, and initiation and spread of fire in buildings, vehicles, and aircraft.  His experience includes ignition and flame propagation of liquid fuels; liquid and gaseous fuel explosions; self-heating and pyrolysis of solids; smoldering and transition to flaming; and explosive boiling.

Has provided expert testimony as to findings in courts of law.

011144 Senior Electrical/Mechanical Engineer

Senior Electrical/Mechanical Engineer with many years of experience with power system protection and controls in engineering and construction.  Has managed all aspects of engineering design and drafting, power flow and fault calculations, relay calibrations, field installation testing, instruction manuals development, testing and development and power plant engineering (including nuclear) of the following systems: protective relaying, automatic switching controls, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, telemetry equipment, cables, capacitor controls, Digital Fault Recorders (DFR), fire protection systems, generators, meters, motors, Sequence of Events Recorders (SER), switchgear, transformers, voltage regulators, and communications equipment associated with these systems. As a Senior Mechanical Engineer,  this expert has specific knowledge of compressors, electro-mechanical systems, fans and blowers, HVAC equipment, OSHA codes and standards. He is also an experienced instructional materials writer and presenter, as well as teacher on topics of Power Systems Theory and Protective Relaying.  As a member of IEEE, he participated in writing tutorials and the standards for substation integration architecture and distributed generation, including substation communication protocols.

This expert has testifying experience in cables and testing and developing lines.

011220 Senior Materials/Mechanical Engineer, P.E., CFEI

Professional Engineer and forensic consultant having experience as a contract service provider of military component source verification and the holder of a Secret Security Clearance.  He has provided residential, marine and marina, and commercial forensic investigative services pertaining to electronic equipment failure; fire; and structural considerations. His expertise includes investigations associated with commercial, industrial, residential facilities, public utilities, and marine and marina weather related insurance claims. Also proficient in the investigation and analysis of electronic equipment interconnect, failure, and fire including printed circuit board fabrication, component assembly and manufacturing process quality control.  His other areas of experience include but are not limited to, management of military and commercial customer technical and business relationships with organizations in China, the Pacific Rim, and U.S. assembly operations, and backplane and PCB facilities; electroforming, multilayer PCB fabrication, through-hole, surface-mount, and system hardware-assembly, and outsourcing; materials and metallurgical failure analysis, and procurement specifications; materials and process development including explosive bonding pertaining to precious metals, ferrous, and non-ferrous metals; stainless steel heat treatment, surface hardening, and corrosion; and fixture development eliminating hydrothermal grown Quartz lattice structure flaws.

011215 Senior Materials Science Consultant

Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department of the United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland. He teaches courses in the area of mechanics and materials including Statics, Dynamics, Strength of Materials, Machine Design, Robotics, and Senior Design. He has conducted research in the general area of structural integrity assessment and assurance with an emphasis on fracture and fatigue. He has worked with the Naval Surface Warfare Center at Carderock and the Naval Sea System Command on characterizing the fracture behavior of materials used in ship structure and machine components, and on developing fitness for service approaches for naval combatant ship structures. Experienced with mechanical testing, evaluation of impact loading on materials and structures including composites and metals, failure analysis of metal and composite structures, and design of joints in composite structures.  He also has experience in experimental and numerical analysis of stresses in structures and components, and with design and evaluation of mechanical components used in machinery, transportation and power generation such as gears, bearings, shafts, belt and chain drives, fasteners, and with welded structure and pressure vessels.  Outside of work, he has done some residential renovation and construction, so he is familiar with construction practices, electrical wiring, plumbing, insulation, and mechanical systems (HVAC).

Has also served as Senior Engineer with Ateon Corporation where he was a contractor to the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division, Metals Engineering Branch. Provide technical guidance to the Navy in areas of fatigue, fracture and structural integrity assessment. Work has focused on the role of materials in the safe and reliable performance of engineering structures, with emphasis on the role of flaws, defects and adverse environmental conditions on structural integrity. Conduct research on the development of analytical methods to predict fracture performance of structures and on the development of test methods for measurement of dynamic fracture properties. He also served as Senior Engineer at Materials Engineering Associates in Lanham, MD as principal investigator and project manager for projects involving characterization of fracture and fatigue behavior of materials in aqueous and gaseous environments at temperatures ranging from cryogenic to 1600°F. Application of fracture mechanics to structural integrity assessment. Development of standards for brittle and ductile fracture toughness testing of materials. Design and Visual BASIC programming of computer systems for machine control, automated data acquisition and data analysis.

011219 Senior Mechanical Engineering Consultant

Senior Mechanical Engineering Consultant for RTI, in addition, he is the Mechanical Engineering Program Leader at a prestigious Canadian university. His field of specialization is Flow-Induced Vibrations of Nuclear Steam Generator Tube Bundles. He is currently a member of the International Flow-Induced Vibrations Scientific Committee and the Canadian Nuclear Society.
He received his PhD from McMaster University and has taught previously at McMaster University, the University of New Brunswick, and the Ontario University Institute of Technology. He has participated in many Funded Research Projects with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council, and the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation. He also has served on many ASME-PVP Flow-Induced Vibration Conference Committees.
A prolific author with numerous publications in ASME and other journals and has made many presentations at ASME Conferences and Symposiums.

011161 Senior Mechanical Engineer

Senior Mechanical Engineer experienced in conducting investigations into mechanical and equipment failures, including fire causation and smoke flow, gas and fuel oil systems, diesel engine generators and support systems, plumbing and process piping systems, vacuums, medical gas systems, and compressed air.  His areas of expertise include diesel engine generators and support systems, hydraulic power systems, precision controlled IT facilities, water and waste water treatment plant equipment and processes, PCB incidents, construction industry practices and standards, and building code and asbestos abatement review, in addition to many other related fields.

Has provided expert testimony as to his findings in courts of law.