002161 Flight Data Specialist

Flight Data Specialist


He is a retired captain with over 40 years aviation experience. He flew the B747-100/200 and -400
He initially set up the SESMA programme that looked at exceedances during a normal flight. This programme was the first proactive safety tool in aviation.
He is considered an expert and still actively consults to several leading airlines in flight data recording and monitoring.

011146 Commercial Helicopter Pilot and Flight Instructor

Commercial Helicopter Pilot and Flight

Small business helicopter owner & operator, commercially rated helicopter pilot & certified flight instructor with 4,000 hours of flight experience in the Robinson R-22 and MD500 line of helicopters. Vetted by USSS to operate in the Washington DC FRZ, over 800 missions to date in that airspace. Experienced in aerial photography, videography, filming, thermal imaging, frost prevention, restricted category operations, powerline & pipeline patrol, and ground and flight instruction including RW aerodynamics, components, piston and turbine engines, airframe, airframe and engine servicing and maintenance, helicopter test pilot procedures, flight controls, weather, navigation, flight operations, night vision goggle theory and operations. Bilingual English & Spanish.

011221 Aviation Operations and Safety Management

Aviation Operations and Safety Management


He has over thirty-three years of experience in airline operations and safety management.  His professional expertise consists of extensive flight operations and successful implementation of ASAP, SMS, IOSA and QMS programs.  He has held the positions of Regional Director of Flying, Chief Pilot and Senior Check Airman. As an aviator, he was most recently captain qualified on the DC-9 / MD-80, Airbus A-320, A-330, and B767/757.  During 18 of those years, He held various positions involving Check Airman responsibilities. His operational experience is in the International, Caribbean and European theatres and has over 13,000 ATP hours.

011175 Air Safety Investigator and Accident Prevention and Preparedness Specialist

Air Safety Investigator and Accident Prevention and Preparedness Specialist


He is a specialist in international aviation accident/incident investigation management, accident prevention, and major accident preparedness.  He has over 40 years experience in aviation safety. He has taught aircraft accident/incident investigation, investigation management, and international investigation procedures and has prepared investigation policy and procedures manuals.  In addition, he has conducted audits of organizations’ abilities to meet existing international standards and best practices for government agencies around the world, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), aviation industry organizations, and law firms.  He has also donated time teaching accident investigation and prevention on behalf of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI).

He managed the aviation accident/incident investigation program for Canada as part of a US-Canada government exchange program.  He has presented numerous technical papers at international seminars on the subjects of human factors in transportation accidents and major aviation accident investigation management and taught aviation accident investigation and prevention management, policies, and procedures in the U.S. and overseas, including for the NTSB school from 1982 to 1998.

011241 Aircraft Accident Reconstruction

Aircraft Accident Reconstruction


He is a retired National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) senior air safety investigator and supervisory air safety investigator.  Concurrent with multiple administrative duties, he also conducted several hundred general aviation fixed and rotary wing aircraft and FAR 135 and FAR 121 air carrier accident and incident investigations; as well as extensive work on a wide range of aircraft accidents, including TWA 800, Alaska 261, USAir 427. 

While at the Federal Aviation Administrative (FAA), he conducted certification of airmen, including commercial pilot and certificated flight instructor certification, instrument ratings, airline transport pilot certification, and type rating of pilots in Learjet, Dassault Falcon 50 and Swearingen Metroliner.  He conducted initial and recurrent FAR 135 pilot certification, reviewed and approved FAR 135 operations manuals and FAR 141 flight school syllabuses.  He also conducted initial certification of FAR 135 operations and FAR 141 certificated flight schools and provided surveillance and inspection of FAR 141 flight schools and FAR 135 air carrier operations, including Learjet and Falcon 50 operators.  He investigated aircraft accidents delegated by the NTSB as IIC (investigator in charge), and assisted on other investigations as FAA IIC. 

Earlier in his career, he owned and operated a general aviation fixed base operation with 12 aircraft, including two pressurized multi-engine airplanes.  Operations included single-and multi-engine FAR air carrier operations, FAR 61 instrument, single and multi-engine-flight training, FAA Repair Station, and aircraft refinishing facility.  He functioned at various times as president, director of operations, and director of maintenance.  He also functioned as an assistant chief pilot for a larger FAR 135 operator, and at one time as an assistant chief pilot of a FAR 141 flight school. 

He also has approximately 8,500 hours flight time, including in excess of 5,000 hours multi-engine, and in excess of 1,500 hours of dual instruction given.

003113 Senior Air Safety Investigator/Air Safety Manager

As a Senior Air Safety Investigator/Air Safety Manager, he has investigated over 50 incidents and accidents within the airlines.  He has led a team to investigate the causal factors, writing comprehensive incident reports that included recommendations to the airlines boards to prevent recurrence. He has extensive flight operational experience having over 8500 flying hours on the B747 and Concorde as a Flight Engineer, and he is also a Licensed Aircraft Engineer.

011188 General and Air Carrier Aviation and Military Operations

General and Air Carrier Aviation and Military Operations

Experienced aviation expert with over 25 years of experience as a pilot, instructor, examiner, and operations manager in both air carrier and military operations.  He is also a licensed Florida attorney who has worked in insurance defense and understands the pressures of trial preparation and the use of expert witnesses and technical experts in litigation.

He has over 17 years in Part 121 air carrier domestic and international line operations, management, advanced training and FAA regulatory coordination for Delta Air Lines and is skilled in SMS, Human Factors, CRM, safety and standards evaluation.  In addition, he is experienced in development of international routes and facilities and has served as an Operations Control Center Flight Operations Manager.

He has 20 years experience in military flight operations, flight training, base management, budget and accounting programs, as well as being experienced in Tactical Operations, Strategic Airlift, and Advanced Jet Training.  He is a prior USAF Safety Investigation Board Member, USAF Command Pilot, and Master Instructor.

He is a graduate of the University of Southern California School of Engineering Aviation Safety and Security Program and experienced with current ideas and management approaches to aviation safety and security.  He is a trained accident investigator/trial attorney with in-depth knowledge of litigation strategies and expert witness testimony.  In addition, he is a certified Aviation Safety and Compliance Auditor familiar with U.S. and foreign regulatory systems.

011257 Senior Aeronautical Engineer and Developmental Test Pilot

Senior Aeronautical Engineer and Developmental Test Pilot

Aviation Summary
A senior aeronautical engineer who served 20 years in the Navy as a proven aviator with four operational cruises & 500 traps.  He has over 27 years of developmental test pilot experience, and an accident free career with over 5300 hours. His certificates include ATP, Commercial Pilot: MEL, SEL, and Commercial Glider. His most recent experience is as chief test pilot for commercial space vehicles.

Flight Time (Military ~ 4,000 / Commercial ~1,400)
Total Time ................5400  Total Instruments .......1350     F/A-18 .......... 1492
Pilot-in-Command ....3610  Actual Instruments .......675    A-7 ............... 1579
Multiengine Jet .........2625  Night ............................790    A-6 ................. 186
Single Engine Jet ......1880  Single Engine Prop ......360    A-4 / T-2 ........ 522

Commercial Vehicles
Roton / WhiteKnightOne / SpaceShipOne / WhiteKnightTwo / SpaceShipTwo / Proteus / Long-Ez / Firebird / Boomerang / Beech Duchess / Grumman Tiger / Extra 300 / Beech Star Ship / Adam Aircraft