011308 - Senior Aerospace Mechanical Systems Engineer

This expert brings over thirty years of experience in aerospace engineering and has worked for several major original equipment manufacturers. He has also served as an independent aerospace consultant for the last twenty-two years. He is designated a Consultant Designated Engineering Representative (DER) by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with authority in 14 CFR Part 25 certification regulations. He specializes in mechanical systems including flight controls, doors, and hydraulic design and construction, equipment qualification, airplane testing, safety analyses, and service documents. He additionally has delegated authority for mechanical systems safety analyses for air conditioning, pressurization, oxygen, and fire protection. This expert also specializes in structures cabin safety for design and construction and service documents as well as power plant safety analyses for airplane turbine engines and auxiliary power units.

011133 Aircraft Accident Investigator and Aircraft Maintenance Specialist

Aircraft Accident Investigator and Aircraft Maintenance Specialist


He has extensive knowledge and experience as an aircraft accident investigator and aircraft maintenance specialist.  He has over twenty-five years experience in commercial aviation and has completed certification in both aircraft accident investigation and aircraft appraisals.  He continues to hold his Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) License.  While at The Southern California Safety Institute, He completed courses in aircraft accident investigation, human factors for accident investigations, flight data analysis, gas turbine accident investigation, investigation management, blood borne pathogen exposure (biohazard risk associated with aircraft accident investigation).

011246 Helicopter Operations and Maintenance

Helicopter Operations and Maintenance

He is a highly experienced helicopter pilot and maintenance officer.  He has gained a wide range of experience during his distinguished career as a US Army and US Coast Guard officer and pilot.  He has served as a helicopter aircraft commander, instructor pilot and pilot examiner and has developed and managed operations and training programs.  As a civilian, he has managed and conducted NASA technical research, test and evaluation programs.

011137 Aerospace Accident Investigation, Safety and Risk Control

Aerospace Accident Investigation, Safety and Risk Control

This expert has acquired over 50 years of extensive background in the Civilian and Military Aerospace Industry while working in a variety of positions in the Aerospace Business Segment, including design and manufacturing assignments with several OEM's, and flying duties with a variety of FAA Part 145, 135 and 91 operators worldwide. He is a licensed Commercial Pilot who holds Fixed, Rotary Wing and Instrument Ratings, as well as, the FAA Mechanics Airframe and Powerplant License. He served as an Adjunct Professor for the University of Southern California School of Engineering, teaching Investigation in the Aircraft and Helicopter Accident Investigation Course for over twenty-five years, as well as providing numerous technical seminars for a variety of organizations (SMU & Marshall Law Schools, Blazetech, OFA, ALEA), the Military, and the Federal Aviation Administration.

In his extensive career, he has investigated numerous military and civilian Aerospace Accidents, including Fixed and Rotary-wing Aircraft, Airport (FAA Part 139 & Part 77) Accidents, Airline Equipment (FAA Part 135 / 121 & 125), Satellite failures, and incidents related to Aerospace Product failures. He was responsible for the Training, Supervision and Work Product of 18 Field Investigators involved in Aerospace, Marine and Agribusiness Insurance Claims.

This expert is a retired U. S. Army Aviation Officer (CW5) and has been involved in aircraft design, test, maintenance and repair since 1964. He served thirty-three years in the Active and Reserve Army, supporting worldwide military and government aviation assets, at all operational and maintenance levels. He is a graduate of the U. S. Army Maintenance Test Pilot's course, the Helicopter Contact, Instrument and Gunnery Instructors Courses, the Material Logistics Course, and the Helicopter Armament Repair School. He holds an Army Master Aviator's rating, with over 6000 hours of Military and Civilian flight experience.

011198 Passenger Loading Bridge Expert

Passenger Loading Bridge Expert


He has been serving the aviation industry for over 35 years, has been recognized by two manufactures of passenger loading bridges in the United States, JBT Jetway, and ThyssenKrupp Aviation Services, as a qualified technician with a high level of accomplishment.  His background history has always included electrical, mechanical, and structural service in which he excels.  He has directed and trained many technicians in all aspects of passenger loading bridge and baggage conveyor services.

In recent years, was challenged to develop an OSHA compliant fall protection system for rooftops of passenger loading bridges.  He developed a system deemed to be the best solution in the industry by Mr. Jim Stanley of FDR Safety, representing American Airlines.  His patent pending product has been installed on all passenger loading bridges owned by several airlines.

He has also responded to the aviation industry needs to develop a passenger loading bridge mounted baggage conveyor system in which gate checked bags are conveyed to and from bridge level to ground level, thus reducing on the job injuries to bag handling employees.  The conveyor operates in both directions to eliminate the need for carrying bags up and down the loading bridge crew stairs thus reducing lifting and carrying type injuries.

011211 Aircraft Maintenance, Power Plant Maintenance

A US Navy Captain, commercial airline pilot, former senior NTSB accident investigator, aerospace engineer and airframe & power plant mechanic with over thirty-eight years of aviation experience.  As an aerospace engineer, he was involved with JT9D engine development and FAA certification testing with Pratt & Whitney. Later, he joined the NTSB where he served on the Go-Team as a powerplant specialist in the Aviation Engineering Division and a US accredited representative in the Major Investigations Division.  He flew the Lockheed S-3A aboard USS Constellation, culminating in commanding Fleet Logistics Support Squadron (VR-53), flying the Lockheed C-130 Hercules.  He left the NTSB in 1999 to become a commercial airline pilot with Atlas Air flying the Boeing 747-400 and later with Southwest Airlines flying the Boeing 737.


Throughout his career, he has participated in over twenty major aircraft accident investigations and over thirty engine failure and fire investigations.  Participated in the inspection and review of the airline companies and military units in which he has been associated.  Currently heads the Go-Team for the Southwest Airlines Pilots’ Association.  He is a member of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI) – Mid-Atlantic Regional Chapter.


011224 Senior Aviation Consultant – Maintenance and Operations

Senior Aviation Consultant with over thirty five years of experience in the field of Aviation Maintenance and Management.  While at Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, he managed 865 employees in new aircraft completions, product support and support groups.  He served as site manager for US and foreign military program work and worked with State Senate and Assembly to develop aviation tax exemption law. As a member of the Leadership Continuous Improvement Council, he was responsible for cross site standardization and continuing the development of Lean processes with top corporate ranking in improvement. He collaborated with airport authority to develop and initiate site expansion plans. He has provided expert testimony in courts of law.


Earlier in his career he managed the maintenance and inspections for 135 operation with 14 aircraft.  He supervised maintenance, maintenance sales, parts, inspections and line departments; and managed the maintenance for 8 aircraft owners. While at West Star Aviation he ran the Operations department completing maintenance and modification to turbine aircraft, including Cessna Conquests, and Citations, Learjets and Hawkers.  He oversaw STC implementation and development for the company. He worked with both Honeywell Engines and Avionics divisions during this timeframe. He started his career at Duncan Aviation working first as an Airframe and Powerplant mechanic and then moving to Team Leader and manager positions.  During this time he worked on multiple turbine and turboprop product lines, as well as accomplishing engine repair work for the engine shop.

011242 Helicopter Pilot, Accident Investigator and Safety Specialist

A very highly experienced helicopter pilot and operations director, as well as an accident investigator and safety specialist. 

A former U.S. Army commissioned officer and helicopter pilot, he served in Vietnam and in the Panama Canal Zone.  Shortly after his distinguished military service, he formed and managed a highly-successful helicopter company in Northern California.  He has managed and conducted a wide range of helicopter operations including FAR Part 135 air carrier operations, flight training, energy exploration, logging, power and pipeline patrol, fire fighting, search and rescue and external load operations.  In addition to operating up to 20 aircraft, the company he founded also performed maintenance and repair as an FAA certified Aircraft Repair Station.


Also has experience in investigating and testifying in helicopter litigation matters.

011231 Aircraft Operations and Regional Airline Operations

An Aircraft Operations and Regional Airline Operations consultant with over 30 years of experience in all types of aircraft operations.  His rating and certifications include: Boeing 737, Cessna-CE-500, Short SD3-30, Beech 1900/300, DeHavilland DHC-8 and DHC-7; and Flight Instructor – ASMEL-Instrument, Gold Seal, Ground Instructor, Aircraft Dispatcher, and Airline Transport Pilot ASMEL

He has held various operations management positions through continental US and Alaska, i.e., Vice President Operations, Raytheon Airline Aviation Services, Wichita Kansas; Chief Operating Officer, FAR 119, FAR 121 Director of Flight Operations Great Lakes Aviation, LTD., Cheyenne, WY; and Chief Operating Officer/UNDAF, Grand Forks, North Dakota.

He is also a published author of many industry papers and manuals.  In addition, he is an experienced speaker and instructor.

011226 Turbine Specialist and Maintenance, Propeller Driven General Aviation Specialist

Experienced Aircraft Maintenance, Turbine Specialist and Propeller Driven General Aviation Specialist with over 40 years experience in maintenance of aircraft and engine inspection, repair, accident recovery, and investigation.  In excess of 600 aircraft repairs and inspections performed annually. His services and expertise includes aircraft accident investigation, inspection, analysis, technical support, as well as log book and record review. His expertise has benefited attorneys, insurance companies, flight schools, and other organizations seeking insight, research and testimony in aircraft and engine maintenance.  In addition, he is experienced in propeller driven general aviation aircraft, as well as major and regional airlines Part 121, 135, and 91 operations.