011146 Commercial Helicopter Pilot and Flight Instructor

Commercial Helicopter Pilot and Flight

Small business helicopter owner & operator, commercially rated helicopter pilot & certified flight instructor with 4,000 hours of flight experience in the Robinson R-22 and MD500 line of helicopters. Vetted by USSS to operate in the Washington DC FRZ, over 800 missions to date in that airspace. Experienced in aerial photography, videography, filming, thermal imaging, frost prevention, restricted category operations, powerline & pipeline patrol, and ground and flight instruction including RW aerodynamics, components, piston and turbine engines, airframe, airframe and engine servicing and maintenance, helicopter test pilot procedures, flight controls, weather, navigation, flight operations, night vision goggle theory and operations. Bilingual English & Spanish.

011188 General and Air Carrier Aviation and Military Operations

General and Air Carrier Aviation and Military Operations

Experienced aviation expert with over 25 years of experience as a pilot, instructor, examiner, and operations manager in both air carrier and military operations.  He is also a licensed Florida attorney who has worked in insurance defense and understands the pressures of trial preparation and the use of expert witnesses and technical experts in litigation.

He has over 17 years in Part 121 air carrier domestic and international line operations, management, advanced training and FAA regulatory coordination for Delta Air Lines and is skilled in SMS, Human Factors, CRM, safety and standards evaluation.  In addition, he is experienced in development of international routes and facilities and has served as an Operations Control Center Flight Operations Manager.

He has 20 years experience in military flight operations, flight training, base management, budget and accounting programs, as well as being experienced in Tactical Operations, Strategic Airlift, and Advanced Jet Training.  He is a prior USAF Safety Investigation Board Member, USAF Command Pilot, and Master Instructor.

He is a graduate of the University of Southern California School of Engineering Aviation Safety and Security Program and experienced with current ideas and management approaches to aviation safety and security.  He is a trained accident investigator/trial attorney with in-depth knowledge of litigation strategies and expert witness testimony.  In addition, he is a certified Aviation Safety and Compliance Auditor familiar with U.S. and foreign regulatory systems.

011183 Flight Safety Investigator, Flight Operations Specialist & Flight Safety Instructor

Flight Safety Investigator, Flight Operations Specialist & Flight Safety Instructor

He has a B.Sc (ME) P.Eng as an experienced Aviation Safety Investigator, a current ATP rated pilot, with heavy-jet flight check and corporate flying experience.   After graduating from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, he completed Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Flight Navigator training.  Following a short tour on the CF-101 as a Weapons System Operator, he trained as an RCAF Pilot. In his first flying tour, he flew the Lockheed (Canadair) T-33 as a NORAD target pilot and provided aircraft check-out training. In his next Air Force assignment, he flew the Lockheed C-130, conducting search & rescue, tactical airlift, and international cargo operations.  Following completion of the year-long Canadian Aerospace Systems Course, he was assigned as a Systems Flight Test pilot with the military Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment (AETE). During this time, one of his projects was the testing of an avionics and flight recorder update for the Boeing 707 aircraft. Next, he flew with the military Boeing 707 Squadron, where he was the Chief Standards Officer and commanded international passenger, cargo, air-refueling and VVIP missions.

Following his posting to the Canadian Forces Headquarters in the Directorate of Air Operations and Training, he left the military and joined the Canadian Aviation Safety Board (CASB) which, in 1990, became the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB). He has 31 years of experience as an Operations Safety Investigator. He has participated in major accident investigations as the Investigator-in-Charge, a Team Member or as Accredited Representative. While at the TSB, he flew the Boeing 707 in the Air Force Reserve for eight years. He was the TSB-ICAO point of contact and participated in the process of amending ICAO Annex 13. For the last 15 years, he has been teaching aircraft accident investigation subjects at the Singapore Aviation Academy.

011265 Aviation Safety Consultant / Cabin Safety Specialist

Aviation Safety Consultant / Cabin Safety Specialist


Our expert's distinguished 45-year career in aircraft cabin safety has included precedent-setting work with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the position of Air Carrier Cabin Safety Specialist, working to develop the safety role of the flight attendant in the areas of crashworthiness and survivability - and establishing cabin safety inspection as a standard in the field.  Such efforts have directly contributed to the advancement of aviation safety for crewmembers and passengers alike.

She has represented flight attendants throughout her career, with four air carriers (through mergers), in the areas of: aircraft cabin safety, aviation security, crew training and emergency response, incident/accident investigation and regulatory reform.  She was a major contributor to the establishment of a joint Critical Incident Stress Management program at Northwest Airlines and continues to advocate for survivor support services.  In the wake of 9-11, she championed flight attendant concerns surrounding security and personal protection issues and was instrumental in bringing cabin defense training to over 10,000 cabin crewmembers.

Our expert was also instrumental in bringing voluntary safety reporting by means of the FAA's Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) to the 20,000 flight attendants of Delta Air Lines, allowing for a non-punitive process to report safety concerns and needed improvements.  She has worked with both industry and governmental agencies in developing improved cabin interiors, operational and design standards - and the promulgation of regulatory changes directly impacting flight attendants in their primary safety role.

She recently received the "Safety Activist Achievement Award" presented by the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA), honoring her significant contributions to the field of aviation safety and advancing safety for flight attendants specifically and the traveling public in general.  This is the third time in her career that she has been recognized by AFA, having previously been the recipient of the prestigious "Annual Air Safety Award".

011260 Senior Fire & Explosion Investigator

Senior Fire & Explosion Investigator

This expert is a Certified Fire & Explosion Investigator, Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator, Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Professional Insurance Investigator, and a Certified Fire Investigation Instructor. He specializes in determining the origin, cause, and circumstances of structural, vehicular, and marine fires. He retired from the position of Division Chief after twenty-six years of dedicated service with the local county Fire Department, which also includes eight years in the capacity of Fire Marshal. As an independent investigator, he specializes in conducting Origin & Cause Investigations primarily for the legal and insurance community. Over the past 35 years, he has conducted over 10,000 fire investigations.

This expert was an adjunct instructor for the National Fire Academy and developed a 56 hour training program with emphasis on NFPA 921 & NFPA 1033 which qualifies attendees to become Certified Fire Investigators. He has accumulated in excess of 4500 hours of training in the fields of Fire Investigation, Fire Protection, Fire Service Management, Fire Ground Operations and Law Enforcement.

This expert holds expert witness qualifications in Fire Origin & Cause Investigations, Fire Suppression, and Fire Protection. He has qualified as an expert in various Circuit & Federal Court venues.