002191 Radar Intelligence Specialist Consultant

Radar Intelligence Specialist Consultant


His military service work (1956-2001) in signals intelligence with The Civil Service as a SIGINT analyst. Employed at the intelligence section of the Swedish Air Force staff, he became responsible for the development of radar intelligence. He was concerned with organising and leading the work to collect and analyse information from air defence radars and combine it with SIGINT information. This was primarily studying foreign air tactics as well as the interaction between NATO and Warsaw Pact airplanes over the Baltic Sea. He was responsible for delivering radar plots for reports to the government when foreign airplanes had violated Swedish territory and delivering radar plots to the Board of Accident Investigation, the Civil Air Administration or the air safety section of the Air Force staff after accidents and violations of separation rules. Later he was employed at the intelligence section within the headquarters of the Swedish defence forces with continued responsibility for radar intelligence (RADINT).
From 1990 to 1994 he was a member of the Technical Commission re-investigating the 1980 Ustica DC9 accident; in particular he made a study of the radar equipment used at the time and analysed the radar data available from it.
His latest mission has been to collect radar recordings of bird migrations in offshore areas where parks of windmills are planned.

011155 Air Traffic Control Services Expert

Air Traffic Control Services Expert

This expert has over 37 years of experience in air traffic control radar, procedures, training and implementation. He has worked in numerous FAA and non FAA Towers, Terminal Radar Approach Control Facilities (TRACONS) and Enroute Air Traffic Control Centers (ARTCC). He is knowledgeable in all aspects of FAA regulations, SOP’s and LOA’s surrounding the aviation industry.  In 2009, he was nominated for Samuel J. Heyman award for his nationally recognized retraining program.

011120 Aviation Traffic Control and Radar Consultant

Aviation Traffic Control and Radar Consultant with over thirty-five years experience with the Federal Aviation Administration.  This expert was appointed by the Secretary of Transportation to develop and lead an independent safety oversight organization to oversee the United States air traffic control system. 

He directed and revamped emergency operations for the FAA following September 11, 2001 and has extensive experience as an FAA spokesperson with the national media, congress, and at high-visibility public hearings.

This expert has top-secret security clearance with sensitive compartmentalized information (SCI).