Naval Architect

Flight Data Specialist


Naval Architect, P.E., is a licensed professional naval architect with over 26 years of experience providing engineering services in the areas of stability, strength, resistance, propulsion, vessel controllability, cargo operations, project management, and worldwide logistics support skills. His primary concentrations entail conceptual, preliminary, and contract level design of military to commercial vessels. He is experienced and well versed on ruling authorities such as U.S. Coast Guard (USCG CFR), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), International Maritime Organization (IMO), and Safety of Life At Sea (SOLAS).

011146 Commercial Helicopter Pilot and Flight Instructor

Commercial Helicopter Pilot and Flight

Small business helicopter owner & operator, commercially rated helicopter pilot & certified flight instructor with 4,000 hours of flight experience in the Robinson R-22 and MD500 line of helicopters. Vetted by USSS to operate in the Washington DC FRZ, over 800 missions to date in that airspace. Experienced in aerial photography, videography, filming, thermal imaging, frost prevention, restricted category operations, powerline & pipeline patrol, and ground and flight instruction including RW aerodynamics, components, piston and turbine engines, airframe, airframe and engine servicing and maintenance, helicopter test pilot procedures, flight controls, weather, navigation, flight operations, night vision goggle theory and operations. Bilingual English & Spanish.

003112 Marine Casualty Investigator

He a Marine Director trained at sea and ashore with Cunard before joining the founding team that over 20 years developed a specialist ro-ro/container line between Europe and Africa, where the development of security and risk management systems were key to the company’s success.
He spent 10 years running his own consultancy CMR providing Market research, Business Development and PR consultancy to the maritime industry plus due diligence studies and country briefings for the African market.

011124 Environmental Engineer

An Environmental Engineer specializing in a diversity of environmental disciplines including water, wastewater, and stormwater design, permitting, and regulatory compliance, groundwater remediation, air pollution control, solid and hazardous waste management, spill prevention and response, industrial hygiene, and safety management, with an emphasis on environmental, health, and safety regulatory compliance in the Aviation and Aerospace industry.

011257 Senior Aeronautical Engineer and Developmental Test Pilot

Senior Aeronautical Engineer and Developmental Test Pilot

Aviation Summary
A senior aeronautical engineer who served 20 years in the Navy as a proven aviator with four operational cruises & 500 traps.  He has over 27 years of developmental test pilot experience, and an accident free career with over 5300 hours. His certificates include ATP, Commercial Pilot: MEL, SEL, and Commercial Glider. His most recent experience is as chief test pilot for commercial space vehicles.

Flight Time (Military ~ 4,000 / Commercial ~1,400)
Total Time ................5400  Total Instruments .......1350     F/A-18 .......... 1492
Pilot-in-Command ....3610  Actual Instruments .......675    A-7 ............... 1579
Multiengine Jet .........2625  Night ............................790    A-6 ................. 186
Single Engine Jet ......1880  Single Engine Prop ......360    A-4 / T-2 ........ 522

Commercial Vehicles
Roton / WhiteKnightOne / SpaceShipOne / WhiteKnightTwo / SpaceShipTwo / Proteus / Long-Ez / Firebird / Boomerang / Beech Duchess / Grumman Tiger / Extra 300 / Beech Star Ship / Adam Aircraft

011174 Aerospace Medicine, Human Performance, and Safety Consultant

Aerospace Medicine, Human Performance, and Safety Consultant



He specializes in aerospace human factors, aviation safety and patient safety, has a unique background as one of a very few qualified military pilot-aerospace researchers and experts. The first F-16 “Pilot-Physician” in the USAF, he was recruited to help reduce the incidence of accidents and fatalities from Spatial Disorientation and High Sustained G forces.  Later he worked for 6 years in aeromedical and human performance laboratories in the USAF and Britain’s Royal Air Force, and was the Chief Scientist (acting) of the USAF Armstrong Aeromedical Laboratory.  Having studied human performance in the air, and in high risk areas of hospitals, he is expert in both these domains, and has worked in knowledge and behavior transfer from cockpit to operating room and ER. Plus, he has been selected for leadership positions in hospitals and healthcare networks at the senior, executive level.

011193 Environmental Health and Safety Expert

Environmental Health and Safety Expert



He is a Certified Industrial Hygienist, (M.A., CIH, CHMM, CAC, CDPH), Certified Hazardous Material Manager, and Certified Asbestos/Lead Consultant with over 15 years of experience in industrial hygiene, environmental health and safety evaluations and compliance activities. He has collaborates extensively with several large industrial manufacturing facilities, commercial property management firms, construction firms, state and county government agencies, and school districts. This work has included risk assessments into health and safety hazards in industrial facilities, indoor air quality evaluations of school districts, as well as the development and delivery of lead and asbestos risk management projects for public and commercial projects. He has also conducted industrial hygiene exposure assessments in industrial and commercial environments.  He is additionally actively involved in statewide industrial hygiene work, lecturing and consulting in California and Florida on issues of occupational health. He is currently a member of both the American Industrial Hygiene Association, the Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals, and the Indoor Air Quality Association. He has served as consultant, facilitator, and project manager to several school districts, industrial manufacturing facilities, commercial property managers, and government agencies.
He has conducted asbestos and lead paint pre-renovation and demolition surveys, lead in soil investigations, mold and moisture intrusion investigations, asbestos/lead/mold abatement and remediation oversight and clearances, provided naturally occurring asbestos (NOA) dust mitigation plans and associated air monitoring, environmental due diligence (Phase I and II ESA), asbestos and lead awareness training, and Noise and Chemical Monitoring.

He has testified as an expert witness in over 20 environmental and industrial hygiene cases.

011238 Aviation Law, Safety and Accident Investigation

Aviation Law, Safety and Accident Investigation


He is an Airline Transport Pilot and former Check Airman with over 35 years of civil aviation flight experience and over 16,000 flight hours. He is also a practicing Expert Witness and Aviation Attorney. He has participated on Aviation Rulemaking Committees and development and evaluation of safety policies and procedures for Coalition of Airline Pilots Associations (COPA) member pilots.  He has also been involved in developing and evaluating Safety Management System (SMS) policies and procedures with his pilot union’s Safety Committee.

His legal experience includes practice in general civil litigation, labor and employment matters, and FAA certificate action matters.

He has acted, and is currently teaching online aviation law courses, as an Embry-Riddle adjunct faculty member in the Department of Doctoral Studies and Worldwide Online.  He has developed courses for initial offering as well as syllabi and exams for the online aviation law courses.