Forensic Investigator, Trial Support Specialist

A marine accident investigator certified with the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA). He also has over 20 years of experience in the litigation and claims industries and more than 10 years’ experience in commercial construction operations and management. he leads RTI’s visual aid consulting Imaging Sciences Group, the Unmanned Aircraft (drone), and Evidence Inspection Programs. When in the field, he takes the lead on marine accident investigations, scene documentation and preservation as well as mechanical roof damage inspections. He is also an experienced interactive design and graphic communications professional, specializing in visualizing complex matters for litigation and settlement.

011115 Real Estate and Property Management

Real Estate and Property Management



This expert has a CPM® PCAM ® CMCA® with over forty years of management experience in both residential and commercial properties. He graduated from the University of Maryland with honors with a degree in Business Management and a minor in Economics. He holds the following certifications and licenses: Certified Property Manager (“CPM”), as designated by the Institute of Real Estate Management (“IREM”); Professional Community Association Manager (“PCAM”), as awarded from the Community Associations Institute (“CAI”); Certified Manager of Community Associations (“CMCA”), as designated by the National Board of Certification for Community Association Managers (NBCCAM); licensed real estate agent in Maryland; and a licensed Property Manager in the District of Columbia. He has authored numerous publications, taught various classes and seminars, and has spoken at many invited presentations.

He has served as an expert witness for cases in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.

011238 Aviation Law, Safety and Accident Investigation

Aviation Law, Safety and Accident Investigation


He is an Airline Transport Pilot and former Check Airman with over 35 years of civil aviation flight experience and over 16,000 flight hours. He is also a practicing Expert Witness and Aviation Attorney. He has participated on Aviation Rulemaking Committees and development and evaluation of safety policies and procedures for Coalition of Airline Pilots Associations (COPA) member pilots.  He has also been involved in developing and evaluating Safety Management System (SMS) policies and procedures with his pilot union’s Safety Committee.

His legal experience includes practice in general civil litigation, labor and employment matters, and FAA certificate action matters.

He has acted, and is currently teaching online aviation law courses, as an Embry-Riddle adjunct faculty member in the Department of Doctoral Studies and Worldwide Online.  He has developed courses for initial offering as well as syllabi and exams for the online aviation law courses.

011163 Aerospace, Biotechnology and Fluid Mechanics Consultant

A professor of Fluid Mechanics and a  distinguished Aerospace/Biotechnology/Fluid Mechanics Consultant with more than twenty-five years experience.  Knowledgeable in the areas of aerospace engineering, biotechnology, fluid mechanics, ballistics astronautics, computational physics, numerical science, biomechanical engineering, hydrodynamics, and numerous other sciences and technologies.


Has provided expert testimony as to his findings in courts of law.

011138 Senior Analytical Polymer Chemistry Consultant

An analytical chemist with extensive experience in chemical spectroscopy and analysis, including emission, infrared, ultraviolet-visible, x-ray, mass; thermal analysis including DSC, TGA, TMA, dilute solution and melt viscosity of polymers, moisture and volatiles determinations. Molecular weights by GPC (size exclusion chromatography) and through correlation of viscosities. Gas chromatographic seperations of selected substances. GC-FTIR separations, identifications and quantifications of components of mixtures. Microscopy including photomicrography, particle size and shape. Polymer engineering in extrusion processes (melt, solution). Flammability and physical testing of parts, fibers, and fabrics. Correlation of data to solve industrial/manufacturing problems, upgrade processes, develop new products/processes. Colorant chemistry and analysis including both dyes and pigments (organic and inorganic). Polymer stabilization correlations and analyses in relation to product lifetime, failures, and special properties. Method development, standard operating procedures and report generation for above activities.

This expert has provided expert testimony in a court of law.

011122 Transportation Accident Law and Government Investigations Consultant

Transportation Accident Law and Government Investigations Consultant who helps manage clients’ participation in various types of government investigations, regulatory enforcement proceedings, product safety recalls, and related litigation.  Multi-faceted legal and public affairs services encompass every stage of government decision-making from congressional/regulatory affairs to strategy development and civil/appellate litigation. 

He has worked for technology developers, manufacturers of transportation safety and security equipment, defense and homeland security contractors, transportation service providers and major insurance organizations. Manages clients’ participation in various types of government investigations, regulatory enforcement proceedings, product safety recalls and related litigation.  He also serves as outside general counsel to the Dangerous Good Advisory Council, the world’s premier authority on the safe transportation of hazardous materials. Deals regularly with the Department of Transportation (particularly the Federal Aviation and Traffic Safety Administrations), the National Transportation Safety Board and other federal safety and investigative departments. Many years of experience in civil litigation, trial work and adversarial administrative proceedings, as well as in high-profile appellate litigation.  He has represented clients before the U.S. Supreme Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in important administrative law cases.  Co-author of the U.S. Supreme Court brief for the independent insurers when they won a unanimous decision reinstating the safety standard requiring airbags in automobiles. This expert also supports clients and their litigation counsel by managing participation in government investigations, especially those involving aircraft and other transportation accidents; and has successfully obtained crucial information from government sources that failed to surface in the traditional civil discovery process. He has managed automotive manufacturers’ safety recalls and provided advice concerning compliance with laws and regulations enforced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and other consumer protection agencies.

011168 Human Factors and Safety Engineer Consultant

A Registered Professional Engineer (safety), Certified Safety Professional, and Master’s Level Psychologist specializing in technical aspects of applied human factors engineering and safety.  For over 30 years, both as a corporate safety director and private consultant, this expert has provided a variety of organizations, including private industry, governmental organizations, and the legal and insurance community with technical assistance on safety and human factors engineering issues.

In addition, he serves as a member of numerous national consensus standard committees including: ASTM Committee No. E-34 on Occupational Health and Safety; ASTM Subcommittee E34.85 on Ergonomics; ANSI A-10 Committee on Safety Requirements for Construction and Demolition; ANSI A-10.2 Subcommittee on Standard for Safety, Health, and Environmental Training; and is chairperson for the ANSI A-10.39 Subcommittee on Safety Audit Procedures.  As an Accredited Occupational Safety and Health Instructor through the U.S. Department of Labor (OSHA), this expert has taught Accredited OSHA Safety courses through The National Resource Center for OSHA Training under a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor.  In addition, he has been an instructor in human factors and safety at Community College of Baltimore County and numerous safety topics for the National Safety Council and the Safety Council of Maryland.

Has provided technical consultations that have been utilized by the insurance and legal communities for expert testimony, pretrial, and trial preparation in cases involving construction safety, product safety analysis, hazard analysis, hazard warning analysis, failure analysis, and human factors engineering analysis with respect to private, product, commercial, and industrial accident reconstruction.

Has provided expert testimony as to findings in courts of law.

011227 Forensic Accountant Consultant

Forensic accountant involved with forensic and litigation consulting.  Has provided expert testimony support in depositions on economic damages and has calculated damages and provided litigation consulting on purchase price disputes, internal corporate investigations, and forensic accounting.  Her projects and professional experience have covered a wide range of industries, including: software, semiconductors, telecommunications, manufacturing, insurance, financial institutions, investment management, and health care.  She has extended experience in preparing insurance claims.  These claims include business interruption, extra expenses, and property damage claims for large international manufacturers and retailers.  She has prepared multi-million insurance claims for losses occurring in Japan, Taiwan, the UK, and other countries.


She has been an auditor in a public accounting firm, in charge of audit and review engagements for private companies and SEC audits and quarterly reviews for public companies.  She has managed audit instructions involving international companies in industries such as software, semi-conductor, mutual fund investments, travel, retail, and manufacturing.  In addition, she performed audits of financial statements for Cities and non-profit organizations where she assisted in the preparation of financial statements and in the review of accounting and internal control systems.


She has provided expert testimony as to her findings in courts of law.

011152 Environmental and Civil Engineer Consultant

Environmental and Civil Engineer, has many years of professional environmental and engineering experience in a variety of managerial and technical capacities. Provides business/industrial consulting on environmental strategies, regulatory requirements, and permitting.  His fields of expertise include: overall use of resources as they affect the environment; water, wastewater, storm water and flood control; hazardous waste and risk management issues; solid waste management, waste minimization; air and water quality, pollution control; site development, infrastructure; arbitration of construction and other contract disputes; and organizational, managerial and acquisition issues.


He is a qualified expert and has presented testimony as to findings in courts of law.

011127 Building Construction Specialist

This expert has over 35 years of experience in building construction specializing in roofing, waterproofing (below grade, between slab, blind-side, surface, and chemical), curtain walls, fenestrations, and exterior finish systems, and building envelope technology.  He is experienced with architectural and engineering design principles and practices, drawings, construction means and methods, construction contracts, and project management. This expert has specialized knowledge of the practical and technical skills that are required for preventing infiltration of liquid water and excess water vapor into buildings. He specifies roofing, waterproofing, and building envelope systems and products, as well as conducting building envelope component failure analysis. He also has experience as a specialty construction project manager and with contract administration and technical construction specifications consulting.

This expert is experienced with construction litigation procedure, litigation support, and trial testimony.